Abbott Native Title Trustees

Since 2001 ANTT has provided other services to Aboriginal companies (ASIC) and corporations (ORIC) including administration, accounting and bookkeeping.

It also assists these entities to liaise and do business with mining companies, local government and state government agencies by providing logistical and facilitation services for meetings and heritage surveys.

ANTT was engaged to develop the new Abbott Native Title Trustees (ANTT) website. As they didn’t have a website exsisting we audited how there web presence had been. Being part of an accounting firm it was mainly hidden as a service of the firm. This made it harder to seperate it’s identity so keeping the link on accounting firm website but creating it’s own branded website made it’s offerings to potential clients more clearer and easier to find. We were also helping with the SEO marketing of the website to help it establish a presence in google on certain keyword/phrases.


Abbott Native Title Trustees

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