Why Custom Web Design Is Better

Jul 06, 2017


To DIY web design or go the custom-design route to produce your site? It’s a big question; one that’s worth mulling over for a while.

Finding savvy ways to save is always a top-list priority for business owners. But, when it comes to your online presence, you might want to double-take on choosing the seemingly cheaper option. After all, it’s your credibility that’s at stake. And, if your outward facing image isn’t polished enough, in the long run this option will actually cost you more.

Many think custom web design is too expensive, so, let’s look at the advantages of hiring a web designer over using your own website template.

Custom Design = Fit For Purpose

Unique design, scalability and company-specific adaptations are some crucial reasons to choose the pros.

When using a template, you’re taking the cookie-cutter approach, which isn’t a great way to stand out from the crowd. Scalability is important if you want to ensure viewers can see and use all features on your site – something sorely lacking when using a template. Custom design also allows the implementation of a unique informational architecture (layout) that’s specifically tailored to your business needs. All outfits are unique – your business isn’t generic, so why create a generic and possibly fault riddled website?

Template Downfalls

Apart from ending up with the same look as hundreds, if not thousands of other businesses and missing out on customisation, template use also comes with some little-known pitfalls.

Some templates are not created to rank highly on Google in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO). This means that, although you might end up with something that looks pretty, it’s basically not going to get you anywhere if people can’t find it. Antiquated coding is another titanic problem and will result in some features not working across all browsers and devices.

Time Is Money

To maintain and build a website takes time, an important resource that most of us could better use elsewhere. We hope we’ve dispelled the common misconception that free or purchased website templates are somehow more beneficial and economical.

Put your best foot forward and put your confidence in the custom design professionals. Make an enquiry here to get the ball rolling on your super customised, super performing site today.

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