5 Web Design Myths Debunked

Nov 08, 2016

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Working out what’s best for your business website isn’t always easy. The amount of conflicting information available in today’s digital age can often work to confuse those new to art of effective web design. Critically, you need a site that converts visitors into customers. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the most common misconceptions about UX so you can make the best decisions about your design and usability.

MYTH 1. The homepage is number one

Gone are the days of most visitors finding your site via the home page thanks to more flexible search functions and links from other websites. Users are now spending most of their time on blog pages, about pages and other interior pages and may never see your home page.

This doesn’t mean your homepage isn’t important. It just means you shouldn’t put all your design focus there. A consistent design throughout the entire site is much more important. Find out where most of your visitors are entering from and fully optimise that gateway in order to increase traffic.

MYTH 2. A website is just a sales tool

Nobody wants to be ‘sold’ to. Visitors to your website not only want to find information but also want to enjoy the experience. A sales-focused hard sell begging users to click for products is not the sort of design that will encourage return visits.

Instead of thinking of your design solely as a tool to convert visitors into customers, consider creating an experience that offers easy navigation. Find a way to point out the benefits of your product or service in your target market’s language without using flashing lights and big, red buttons as calls to action.

MYTH 3: Bargain basement web design can work

Web design that effectively converts may look seamless but much hard work goes on behind the scenes to create that impression of simplicity. Uniquely showcasing your services in a user friendly way takes time. If you want to attract new traffic, your site should also be optimised for SEO and for this, you’ll want to engage the services of an SEO specialist. Then, if you want to convert those new users into actual customers, you’ll also need a professional copywriter on-board to put together copy that speaks to your targets using the right language and call to action.

It’s worth spending a little more to ensure you get the best results. This way, you’ll feel confident that your site is appropriate for your users and that you’re representing your brand appropriately.

MYTH 4: Your website never needs to change

Another common web design misconception is that the creation of your website is linear with the end goal being its creation. This is a fatal error made by many unsuccessful start-ups.

With any living, creative process, continuous improvement is the only way to remain relevant to your target market. This requires monitoring and evaluating what is working or not and constantly updating and improving your site. Web design trends, browsers and devices are constantly evolving meaning, if you’re operating in the digital landscape, you need to constantly evolve too.

MYTH 5: Design is the most important element


A beautiful website is only good if it gets the job done. Getting caught up purely with the way things look can be a real barrier to success.

The way a site navigates and how it’s laid out is much more important than a visually striking design. Of course, this is a matter of priorities. Say, for example, your product is high-end fashion, your brand will be best served by visual impact plus effective navigation.

The take home point here is that while design is a central part of any quality website, this needs to be balanced with effective UX, well-researched SEO and copy that converts.

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