Our Handy Hints for getting the most out of your Design Agency

May 23, 2014

Working with a Design Agency can seem like a foreign process at times, especially if you haven’t worked with one before and it can be frustrating when you feel like they just aren’t getting the brief right! With this in mind, we thought we’d put together a few handy hints for getting the most out of your Design Agency.

The Advantages of a Design Brief!

Whatever you’re getting designed, it’s crucial that you brief the designers properly. The benefit of working with a design agency is that we love getting inside our clients’ heads so the more information you can give us the better! Not only will you get the outcome you were after but the whole process will run a lot more smoothly too.

A common misconception is that in order to brief a designer properly you need to tell them exactly what to do. However, in reality we need a bit of room to breathe and space to do what we do best – be creative. If the brief is too restrictive the designers’ hands are tied and the outcome is likely to be unremarkable. Similarly, if the brief is too vague the chances are slim that the designer will create something that matches what the client envisions for their project.

So what exactly does a brief entail? Well, it’s a set of questions that act as guidelines to ensure that we understand the project and whilst these will vary between agencies, they generally encompass the following:

  • A description of your company
  • A description of the aims and objectives for the project
  • Any competitors you may have
  • Some examples of work you like
  • An outline your target market
  • A list of deliverables do you require
  • Any deadlines you may have

The key to a good brief is to provide the designers with as much information as possible, keeping in mind that you know your business best, so why not share your insights?

Got something you need designed? Why not ask for a brief and judge the difference it makes for yourself?

What’s in a font?

Typography focuses on the characteristics of a typeface, the shape of the characters and the overall aesthetics of a particular font. Understanding some basic design guidelines will help you to work more effectively with your graphic designer.

Fonts speak louder than words. Typography is the vehicle through which we communicate tone of voice.1

Typography is everywhere so it’s easy to take it for granted but it’s a crucial element in any design. Your font choice can speak volumes about your brand and a poorly chosen font can completely change the intended message. But with so many variations out there to chose from, it’s hard to know where to start and if you’re unsure it’s probably best to consult a professional.

1 http://www.vtldesign.com/brand-development/graphic-design/importance-typography-part-1-fonts-speak-louder-words/2/

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